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Multimedia Builder 4.9

MMB is an authoring software to develop auto-run menus, multimedia applications
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The Multimedia Builder is an inexpensive authoring software with which the user can easily develop auto-run menus, multimedia applications and lots more, without even knowing bare basics of programming. It comes with many impressive features facilitating the user to create small size stand alone apps, such as games, installation programs and similar things without spending lot of time.

With MMB the user can create auto-run CD browsers for corporate CD-ROM's, Tutorials
Cue Cards, Kiosks, File launchers and toolbar and the application can also help in computer based training. It comes with plenty of Alignment tools, Blending graphics with background, Alpha Transparency Masks for blending, MP3 format with feedback 24-bit color, optimized performance, real glow and drop shadow effects like Sharpen, Blur, Flip as well as special effects such as fire, cut-out, bevel along with more than 40 bitmap effects and filters.

It also comes with provision for having background Bitmap Tiling and the background sound can play across page boundaries, looping. The objects are in layers and the user may define own graphic buttons, save, load to/from library, and the application also supports custom shapes as well.

Luis Sanchez
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  • No knowledge of programming needed to operate


  • Can create only small stand-alone exe apps
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